Happy first cosy-winter morning, people! What a calm, beautiful and chilly day it is! The best thing about my house is the terrace garden. Super excited or hopelessly dull, you’ll always spot me here.  These forever-green plants, my favourite cane chairs and the breeze…all together uplift me at the oddest of all hours. That’s a … Continue Reading

Go Glam with Giordani Gold

Hello my lovelies! Are you all buzzing with festive joy? There is something about this time of the year that calls for glamour, fashion, and all things gorgeous. For me, all that glitters is Giordani Gold by Oriflame, as it makes me glow and look like a bronze queen, something we all strive for deep … Continue Reading

Say Yes to YES Routine

Given a chance to stay beautiful forever, wouldn’t you? Well, I would grab it there and then…without any second thought! From office to meetings to outings to home, I don’t really get time to take care of my skin, like ideally I should. Add to that, my perennial-ageing concerns! Amidst all this daily hustle, how … Continue Reading

NovAge Ultimate Lift Review: Let the Ambassadors Talk!

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? – Satchel Paige  Confusing, is it? Well, that aptly captures the state of mind for most of us. Somehow, we can’t help control our forever-ticking selves when it comes to ageing. Be it our frantic expressions every morning or our perennial frowns … Continue Reading

NovAge Ultimate Lift Set: Review

How exactly do you age gracefully? As I gulp in my favourite spinach-cheese munchies, a part of me feebly counts the calories I might be adding to my otherwise, in shape-active self! Oil and dust, cheese and macaroni, men and moods… Is my usual routine speeding up my biological clock? Don’t think so! But yeah, … Continue Reading

2017 isn’t that far…

“Wake me up when September ends” is the one song that plays on loop on my bff’s playlist. But not on mine! I am wide awake and ready to roll, considering that there are just 3 months left before we march our way into 2017. Yikes! To be honest girls, it does make me feel … Continue Reading

Why Use Anti-Aging Products?

“The beauty of a Woman, with passing years, only grows!” For all you Audrey lovers, you know exactly why this was said. As for those lovely senoritas who don’t, it’s time to get back to basics. There are LBDs to hide your baby sacks, specific cosmetics to hide your face lines and blemishes, and then … Continue Reading

Listen to your skin!

Hello Ladies, Hope you’re all doing fine, happily giggling with friends, or, maybe getting an extended spa session at your favourite salon. I think, we should all widen our horizon of leisure and happiness as we grow old so that every day, we have something new and interesting to live up to. Don’t you think … Continue Reading

Indo-Western Fusion for This Festive Season

I sometimes feel lucky to be born here. You know, nowhere in the world would you find such crazy fondness for festivals and feasts. India is rich in that sense, very. And I just love our mixed colourful vibes, celebrations, customs and most of all…dressing up! That is something which makes this festive season even … Continue Reading