The Bond I share… Celebrating Relationships!

Hello ladies, I’ve just finished having my 2nd cup of tea along with some melt-in-mouth butter cookies, sent by my dear grandma who is over 75 years old but still whips up a storm in the kitchen with her awesome cookies and cake recipes. It’s been years since I ‘bought’ an actual pack of cookies, … Continue Reading

5 Makeup Myths Exposed: Trust, when I say…

Sweetheart, yes you read that right! Trust me when I say something to you, because Sasha loves all her readers and loves being their well-wisher. You know, you won’t find a girl so passionate to give you all the makeup gyaan and so concerned for your well being. Well, today I heard some girls discussing … Continue Reading


big hello to my lovelies! Sniff…Sniff… Do I smell some excitement at your end, as you read the title of this blog? Are you a perfume hoarder like me? If so, then your day (or night) is about to get even more exciting as I am about to explore the different kinds of fragrances, their … Continue Reading

Flowers, Frappe, Food… My Perfect Valentine’s Date!

  Hey my love-struck angels! By the title, you would have already guessed where I’m going with this one right? Yup, its Valentine’s Day, and even though I don’t whole ‘heartedly’ agree with the idea of expressing maximum love on just one day throughout the year, I love the pampering and flaunting that goes into … Continue Reading

Oriflame’s Happydisiac- The New Happy Fragrance

Hello everyone! How are you girls? As for me, my house renovation work had kept me occupied since the past two days (of course Valentine’s is just around the corner and I got to uphold my perfectionist attitude, be it myself or for that matter even my house! And trust me, this is the only … Continue Reading


Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off! That I read somewhere, and here I am quoting it for you. How many of you agree? Well, even if you don’t, am sure, you would, once you’re done reading this piece. Because I think, hairstyle, like shoes, tells a lot about the person. … Continue Reading

Review: Oriflame Hair X CC Cream

Hey girls! Where do I start? Winter has usually spelt disaster for my hair every single year, but 2017 is going to be a lot different. How? Read the title again! You thought I’ve written it wrong, and the term ‘CC cream’ applies only to skincare? Nope, that’s not a typo and before you get … Continue Reading

What NOT to do in 2017

Girls! Hope 2017 has been rocking so far, and I seriously hope that this year brings greater joy and surprises your way. For me, 2017 has been a real wakeup call as far as certain trends go. There have been a few things that I used to swear by till now, but all of that … Continue Reading

Review: Oriflame’s EcoBeauty Range

Hi lovelies! The new year has begun, and it’s speeding like crazy. Don’t you think so? Well, before the time is out, let me just take a quick look at my list of resolutions. Wait up! Did I make any this time? Oh yes! Just one little thing on my list. Before I forget, let … Continue Reading