Gorgeous Hairstyles for the Gorgeous ‘Winter Bride’!

Hello, My Loves! Finally, winters are here. Feels great, doesn’t it? Peanuts and weddings are two things I absolutely love about this season. The crunchy delight of gaining some kilos, only to lose them later to look good…that’s something I would never give up on! Slightly out of shape (but in full mood) these days, … Continue Reading

Let your Eyes Say It All!

Hey all you pretty women! ‘Eyes are the windows to your soul’…ever heard that? Well, am not keen to validate the same, I would rather help you flaunt these windows with some trendy eyeliner and eye shadow hacks today. Now, before all you kaajal-loving girls who don’t want to deal with eye shadows, frown and … Continue Reading

Up your Shoe Game this Winter

Hey there lovelies! Brrr…It’s a bit cold now, isn’t it? It’s not going to get any better from here. But what will get better is your shoe collection! Girls, I can’t tell you how much I love winters. Scarves, jackets, rich-warm colours, soft-comforting clothes, and my wide collection of boots that I swear by during … Continue Reading


Happy first cosy-winter morning, people! What a calm, beautiful and chilly day it is! The best thing about my house is the terrace garden. Super excited or hopelessly dull, you’ll always spot me here.  These forever-green plants, my favourite cane chairs and the breeze…all together uplift me at the oddest of all hours. That’s a … Continue Reading

Gold, Glamour and Glow – Gift Yourself All of These!

Hello Rockstars! Is Diwali over? Is it really? As I sit and type away in my room, I can still hear the notorious little kids bursting crackers outside, which makes me think that Diwali is still in the air. The houses still shine bright at night, and those leftover laddoos and jalebis are sitting in … Continue Reading

Because I can’t do without desserts

Hello My Sugar Puffs! Since this blog is oh-so-sweet, I just had to call you guys that. 10 days before Diwali and the countless days after are spent gorging on bulk of sugary delights, and my favourite ladoos and sandesh. I seriously can’t live without desserts, and this is perhaps one of the major reasons … Continue Reading

Just In: The New ‘Giordani Gold’ Range by Oriflame

Hola, Ladies… Feeling festive, aren’t you? The festivals are just around the corner and I can’t help feeling extremely festive myself… Decking up, parties and drool-worthy sweets & delicacies… Aah, so much to look forward to this month! And with so many get-together and parties lined up, looking like a dream is every woman’s dream. … Continue Reading

Go Glam with Giordani Gold

Hello my lovelies! Are you all buzzing with festive joy? There is something about this time of the year that calls for glamour, fashion, and all things gorgeous. For me, all that glitters is Giordani Gold by Oriflame, as it makes me glow and look like a bronze queen, something we all strive for deep … Continue Reading

Say Yes to YES Routine

Given a chance to stay beautiful forever, wouldn’t you? Well, I would grab it there and then…without any second thought! From office to meetings to outings to home, I don’t really get time to take care of my skin, like ideally I should. Add to that, my perennial-ageing concerns! Amidst all this daily hustle, how … Continue Reading