Review: Oriflame’s EcoBeauty Range

Hi lovelies! The new year has begun, and it’s speeding like crazy. Don’t you think so? Well, before the time is out, let me just take a quick look at my list of resolutions. Wait up! Did I make any this time? Oh yes! Just one little thing on my list. Before I forget, let … Continue Reading

Winter Special: Lip Spa Treatment At Home

Muahhh! So let me just ask you straight up…what’s the worst thing that could have happened to you while on a date night with your (ahem) significant other? Cringe worthy, chapped lips of course! Winter and dryness are BFFs, without a doubt. Lips don’t lie, you see! Some of us are extremely gifted and have … Continue Reading

All about ‘Tantouring’

Hola Ladies… Big bang cheers, for the new year is almost here! Planning for some new resolutions, are you. Well, I have a special takeaway from 2016 that can really excite the ‘crazy-to-try-something-new’ side of yours. Before you experiment and align your schedule for a fresh beginning, let me throw light on the much talked … Continue Reading

My Christmas and New Year plans—Woo hoo!

Hey girls! How can you NOT love this much-needed cold weather that makes you sip 10 cups of coffee a day! If I could, I would just permanently move to a colder climate and live there forever. Seriously girls, I can’t tell you how much I love winters and of course, Christmas. Maybe it’s because … Continue Reading

GG Fragrance for Him and Her : Product Review

‘Perfume is a way of stopping time. You smell a beautiful scent and you remember something.’ – Isabel Toledo This quote takes me back to my childhood. Sneaking into my parents’ room and spending hours there, just to sniff a new scent every time used to be my favourite pastime. Be it my mother’s dressing … Continue Reading

Warm and Stylish Winter Accessories for You

What a bright sunny morning it is! We’re almost in the mid of December, and it feels like those cold chilly winters will still take another century to creep in. Some days are mildly foggy, while some noons are generously warm. I am not sure about all the girls out there, but it does get … Continue Reading

Be Right Bright with Oriflame

  Hello timeless beauties! In case you didn’t know, it was my 30th birthday yesterday, and boy was it fun! Lots of partying, shopping, and eating made the day quite exhausting, but what really struck me is the fact that I am now officially 30, a number that most women don’t enjoy associating themselves with. … Continue Reading

Gorgeous Hairstyles for the Gorgeous ‘Winter Bride’!

Hello, My Loves! Finally, winters are here. Feels great, doesn’t it? Peanuts and weddings are two things I absolutely love about this season. The crunchy delight of gaining some kilos, only to lose them later to look good…that’s something I would never give up on! Slightly out of shape (but in full mood) these days, … Continue Reading

Review – Oriflame Giordani Gold Range

Hello, Today, I’m here to share my experience with the Oriflame Giordani Gold range. The new Giordani Gold collection is inspired by the refined elegance and sophistication of Italian lifestyle. Right from the packaging to the quality of these products, they are very luscious and extremely lavish. The collection houses few gorgeous shades of lipsticks, … Continue Reading