Hi Girls,
I always tell my friends that applying makeup is an art. To perfect it, you need to get your foundation technique right. Every month, I get a lot of queries asking about the right way to apply foundation, so I decided to write a blog post on what to avoid and what to do, to get your foundation game right!
Here are the 4 mistakes you must avoid:
Mistake 1:
Applying foundation using upward brush strokes.

What you should do:
The correct way is to always apply foundation using downward strokes.
Mistake 2:
Choosing a shade lighter than your skin tone.

What you should do:
Instead, always choose a shade that exactly matches your skin tone.

Mistake 3:
Using hands to apply the foundation.

What you should do:

The right way is to always use a brush for application.

Mistake 4:
Not applying foundation on the neck area.

What you should do:
You should always apply foundation on the neck area to match the shade of the face.
Now that you know what to avoid, keep these steps in mind for a flawless look.

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