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We all come across countless artists glorifying eyes like no other. Eyes are beautiful and are often the subject of various metaphors and romantic poems. We express so much through our eyes which is also why there are several makeup products one can use to accentuate their beauty! One of these is the mighty eye shadow! Let’s be honest, initially, nailing the eye shadow is not an easy feat but with practice you’ll get better at picking the right colours and perfect the blending method too!

To make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of 5 hacks you can use to get that eye shadow right and perhaps get someone talking about your eyes!

  • Prep your eyelids with a primer

Prepping is important. So get started by applying some primer on your eyelids to tackle oiliness and unwanted creases. This makes way for a smooth eyelid base so you can start applying your eye shadow seamlessly.

  • Apply white eyeliner to intensify the colour

A coat of white eyeliner over your eye lids works wonders for the intensity of your eye shadow colour. Apply a white base to make any eye shadow pop making your eyes look lively and vibrant.

  • Invest in quality brushes

This is particularly important when it comes to blending and lending a fine finish to your eyeshadow. Ditch the cheap sponge brush that does nothing but produce shady results and invest in high quality brushes as they not only give a precise definition to your eye makeup but also last longer. I highly recommend Oriflame’s Precision makeup brushes for smooth application and easy blending!

  • Illuminate your eyes

All eyeshadows have a purpose and so does the shimmer one! I guess the easiest hack to look awake and vibrant is to simply illuminate your eyes! Use shimmer eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten your look and ta-da you’re good to go!

  • Try a cream eye shadow

If you feel like practice isn’t really helping your application skills, try switching to a cream eye shadow. They are easier to apply than the powder ones and the colour can usually be buildable in layers. I use Oriflame’s The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow for which all I need to do is simply apply with a brush and blend with my fingertip! I urge you to get one right away and save yourself the hassle!


So ladies, that’s all for now! Hope you rock that eye shadow using these hacks and captivate the world with those electric eyes!

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