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How are you doing? I hope all’s well. Talking about makeup, yes, it can be a little tricky and almost all of us encounter issues from time to time. Further, there can be a huge difference between the look you visualized and the final look you actually achieve. To make things easier, here are 5 makeup hacks that can help you overcome common hurdles and look like a beauty queen without much trouble.


  1. Bronzer Below Foundation

Maximize your glow with this sweet hack that requires you to simply swap the application of bronzer and foundation. Start by applying your cream blush and bronzer/highlighter followed by foundation for a flawless look. This hack is easy and lends a soft glowing touch to your skin, making it look naturally radiant, perfect for the diva in you.


  1. Primer Can Reduce Dullness

Can’t seem to get around dull skin? Use coloured primers to brighten up your skin for a refined and illuminated finish. I recommend using Oriflame’s ‘Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow’ to deliver a natural peachy glow to your skin and reveal the best of your complexion.


  1. Liquid Lipstick for a Longer Lasting Look

Make your lipstick last longer with this super easy hack. Use a liquid lipstick on its own or as a base color before applying your regular lipstick to make it last for 10 hours. That’s all, you’re sorted and there’s no need for any touch up throughout the day!


  1. Look Fresh with Clean Eye Makeup

Lend a sharp finish to your eye makeup with this hack. Complete eye makeup on the upper lids and clean the under eyes to create a crisp line on the outer corners. This also gives you a fresh look and makes your makeup look neat without much hassle.


  1. White Eyeliner Base for a Vibrant Eyeshadow

A simple but effective trick that nails your eyeshadow makeup! Cover your eyelids with a white eyeliner pencil base before applying any eyeshadow. This intensifies the pigment of the eyeshadow colour and makes it pop for a vibrant look. Get electric eyes with this hack and leave the world mesmerized!

So ladies, I hope you had a fun time browsing these hacks today. Don’t forget to try them and feel effortlessly beautiful inside out!




Aakriti Kochar

Beauty and Makeup Expert,

Oriflame India

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