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What I want to talk to you about today might seem like something trivial but trust me; we sometimes go wrong in the simplest of things. Shampooing your hair might seem like a part of the day that doesn’t require any thought or contemplation, but it does need some more attention. We tend to make a lot of common errors and end up harming the quality of hair. I’ve put together a cheat-sheet for all you girls to help you out through this. Follow this list through and through and get your shampooing right! Keep reading.

  • How often you should wash your hair: With Indian summers, it is tempting and often essential to wash your hair every day. And guess what? You can. There is nothing wrong with washing your hair every day. However, I recommend ditching the shampoo every alternate day. Just using water will have the same cooling effect.
  • While it is not recommended to take a hot shower because it strips your skin of essential oils, do use hot water for a couple of minutes because it opens up your cuticles which helps get rid of all the trapped dirt and grime.
  • If you wash your hair only couple of times a week, make sure you lather and rinse your hair twice. One wash may not be enough to get rid of all the dirt.
  • Take your time for the rinse. Make sure you stand under just water for 30 seconds before you apply the shampoo. This time is essential to wash out all the dirt from the scalp to the tips.
  • Your scalp needs the lather the most. When you apply shampoo to the hair, don’t forget that the scalp is where all the nourishment happens. Concentrate all the lather on the scalp rather than the length of the hair. This is the absolute opposite of what you are supposed to do with conditioner.
  • Talking of conditioner, don’t skip it. Make sure you massage your conditioner into the length of the hair – not at the scalp. More importantly, most of us tend to be impatient with conditioner. Remember that the conditioner has to be left in the hair for at least 5 minutes for it to show its effect.
  • Just like before the shampoo, make sure you spend a good minute and a half in washing out all of the conditioner out of your hair. Any residue which stays back in your hair can cause your hair to become dull and dry.
  • Lastly, use a shampoo that suits your hair type. Also, if you are shampooing every day, make sure to use a mild shampoo. I recommend Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Shampoo which suits all hair types.


Like you can see, patience is really the key when it comes to shampooing your hair. Play your favourite playlist while in the shower and trust me, it won’t feel like that long!


See you girls soon,




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