5 Makeup Hacks Experts Swear By

Hey ladies,   How are you doing? I hope all’s well. Talking about makeup, yes, it can be a little tricky and almost all of us encounter issues from time to time. Further, there can be a huge difference between the look you visualized and the final look you actually achieve. To make things easier, … Continue Reading

Express Yourself with Pop Shades this Diwali

Hey girls! How are your Diwali plans going? Are you still unsure about your big Diwali look? This Diwali, make a colourful story with all the bright and bold shades that you can think of. I have a few tips and tricks for you to look super chic and glamorous while you usher in the … Continue Reading

Freedom to Experiment with the season’s trendiest looks

Hey girls, Wondering how you can up your style this monsoon? Here are a few looks you can experiment with the season. White eyeliner You read that right. People are always skeptical about using white eyeliner. In reality, it enhances the size of your eyes and is a complete contrast to dark/smokey looks. It makes you … Continue Reading

Monsoon Beauty Hacks

Hey girls, Don’t let the monsoon ruin the effort you have put in your makeup with these easy hacks for you to follow. 1. Use a leave in conditioner instead of a mousse or spray in monsoons to prevent hair from getting frizzy and rough. 2. Use only matte finish products on your face. Avoid … Continue Reading

4 Things To Avoid When Applying Foundation

Hi Girls, I always tell my friends that applying makeup is an art. To perfect it, you need to get your foundation technique right. Every month, I get a lot of queries asking about the right way to apply foundation, so I decided to write a blog post on what to avoid and what to … Continue Reading

Monsoon Skin and Hair Tips by Aakriti Kochar

  Hi Girls, Summers are quite harsh on the skin and monsoons can be challenging too. Every time the monsoon arrives, our skin seems to have a mind of its own. It gets oily, dehydrated or even acne prone, owing to this we have to change our skin care regime accordingly. Remember these tips to … Continue Reading

How to Perfect the Smokey Eye Look

Hi Girls, You would all agree with me when I say that the smokey eye look is the toughest to recreate. It can get quite messy and end up looking all wrong. Well, you don’t have to fret about ruining your eye makeup anymore with this easy step-by- step tutorial on how to ‘Perfect the … Continue Reading

#AakritiOnTheGo: A Day for Girl-fanning, Dreams and Drools

Because I don’t have too much going on in my world apart from looking-talking-feeling good, it is impossible for me to survive without Oriflame’s Instagram handle. If you aren’t stalking them already, here’s the way–> https://www.instagram.com/oriflameindia/ Only last week, Oriflame brought Aakriti Kochar, their Makeup and Beauty Expert, to take over Instagram for a day, … Continue Reading

All about Boots!

If I could name my one saviour for the entire winter season, it has to be BOOTS! Studies say, if you keep your feet, ears and neck warm, there is lesser chance for you to catch cold or fall sick because of the change in the weather or extreme cold conditions. Trust me, I didn’t … Continue Reading