Do You Lead A Sustainable Life? Find Out!

Hi girls,   Hope summer is treating you well. Like a lot of us may have been wondering, it has been unusually hot this year. We are facing a shocking rise in temperatures all over the world and it is getting worse every year. All of this is pointing towards the bitter truth that global … Continue Reading

My Travel Bucket List

Hello my beautiful friends, =This year 2017 if just one wish of mine could come true… I would have loved to be blessed with the superpower to be able to transport myself to any part of the world. You see, to travel is to live *deep sigh* And how dearly I love to travel, I … Continue Reading

My Christmas and New Year plans—Woo hoo!

Hey girls! How can you NOT love this much-needed cold weather that makes you sip 10 cups of coffee a day! If I could, I would just permanently move to a colder climate and live there forever. Seriously girls, I can’t tell you how much I love winters and of course, Christmas. Maybe it’s because … Continue Reading

Weekly Inspiration

Applique is a fully responsive Fashion blog theme that designed with style publishers in mind! We keep things simple and elegant to make sure any fashion blogger—even those without IT background, can use it. We believe that a blog theme, should feel fluid, light, and intuitive. That’s what we are aiming to make with applique, … Continue Reading