Skin Care Resolutions You Need To Take For Summer 2017

Hey girls, Well, summer is here and how! It’s still the end of March but it seems like the heat is here to stay, doesn’t it? We have at least a couple of months of this heat till the rains are here and there is some respite. While winter may seem like a more important … Continue Reading

Review: Tender Care Gold

Hello there girls, How’s life treating everybody? I have had a hectic week and I’m so glad the weekend is almost here. Meanwhile, summer is coming at us in full swing. It’s been so hot the last couple of days and we still have a few good months of summer left. Ladies, do make sure … Continue Reading

Who doesn’t love a Golden Jubilee?

Hey girls, Hope you had a super colourful Holi! I know I haven’t written to you in quite a while, I’ve been travelling with my family. It was such a great, relaxing break and even though I enjoyed all the pampering, I am so happy to be back! Spring is here and we are enjoying … Continue Reading

5 Makeup Myths Exposed: Trust, when I say…

Sweetheart, yes you read that right! Trust me when I say something to you, because Sasha loves all her readers and loves being their well-wisher. You know, you won’t find a girl so passionate to give you all the makeup gyaan and so concerned for your well being. Well, today I heard some girls discussing … Continue Reading

What NOT to do in 2017

Girls! Hope 2017 has been rocking so far, and I seriously hope that this year brings greater joy and surprises your way. For me, 2017 has been a real wakeup call as far as certain trends go. There have been a few things that I used to swear by till now, but all of that … Continue Reading

Review: Oriflame’s EcoBeauty Range

Hi lovelies! The new year has begun, and it’s speeding like crazy. Don’t you think so? Well, before the time is out, let me just take a quick look at my list of resolutions. Wait up! Did I make any this time? Oh yes! Just one little thing on my list. Before I forget, let … Continue Reading

All about ‘Tantouring’

Hola Ladies… Big bang cheers, for the new year is almost here! Planning for some new resolutions, are you. Well, I have a special takeaway from 2016 that can really excite the ‘crazy-to-try-something-new’ side of yours. Before you experiment and align your schedule for a fresh beginning, let me throw light on the much talked … Continue Reading

GG Fragrance for Him and Her : Product Review

‘Perfume is a way of stopping time. You smell a beautiful scent and you remember something.’ – Isabel Toledo This quote takes me back to my childhood. Sneaking into my parents’ room and spending hours there, just to sniff a new scent every time used to be my favourite pastime. Be it my mother’s dressing … Continue Reading

Absolute Winter Care: Oriflame’s Milk and Honey Cream

The chill in the air kicks me right… Hello Girls! Hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the foggy rush these days. Well, tell me you, don’t you like this sudden dip in the temperature? I know, it gets unbearably cold sometimes, but then, nothing delights me to the core like hazy evenings, dim-lit roads, street … Continue Reading