4 Things To Avoid When Applying Foundation

Hi Girls, I always tell my friends that applying makeup is an art. To perfect it, you need to get your foundation technique right. Every month, I get a lot of queries asking about the right way to apply foundation, so I decided to write a blog post on what to avoid and what to … Continue Reading

How to Perfect the Smokey Eye Look

Hi Girls, You would all agree with me when I say that the smokey eye look is the toughest to recreate. It can get quite messy and end up looking all wrong. Well, you don’t have to fret about ruining your eye makeup anymore with this easy step-by- step tutorial on how to ‘Perfect the … Continue Reading

5 Must-Haves In Your Spring Wardrobe

Hi girls, It feels great to write to you again. Hope you are following the skin care resolutions that I mentioned in my earlier post. Today, I want to talk to you a little about springtime fashion. Spring is a season that truly makes my heart soar. There are colours in full bloom everywhere we … Continue Reading

The Bond I share… Celebrating Relationships!

Hello ladies, I’ve just finished having my 2nd cup of tea along with some melt-in-mouth butter cookies, sent by my dear grandma who is over 75 years old but still whips up a storm in the kitchen with her awesome cookies and cake recipes. It’s been years since I ‘bought’ an actual pack of cookies, … Continue Reading


big hello to my lovelies! Sniff…Sniff… Do I smell some excitement at your end, as you read the title of this blog? Are you a perfume hoarder like me? If so, then your day (or night) is about to get even more exciting as I am about to explore the different kinds of fragrances, their … Continue Reading

Flowers, Frappe, Food… My Perfect Valentine’s Date!

  Hey my love-struck angels! By the title, you would have already guessed where I’m going with this one right? Yup, its Valentine’s Day, and even though I don’t whole ‘heartedly’ agree with the idea of expressing maximum love on just one day throughout the year, I love the pampering and flaunting that goes into … Continue Reading

Oriflame’s Happydisiac- The New Happy Fragrance

Hello everyone! How are you girls? As for me, my house renovation work had kept me occupied since the past two days (of course Valentine’s is just around the corner and I got to uphold my perfectionist attitude, be it myself or for that matter even my house! And trust me, this is the only … Continue Reading

Review: Oriflame’s NovAge Ecollagen Skincare Range

Hello ladies! You know what! I am absolutely in love with this time of the year as the mornings are bright and sunny, the weather is pleasant and…love is in the air. As another year comes in rolling, speeding like anything, I can barely keep a track of time, but yeah, am happy. What’s also … Continue Reading

Warm and Stylish Winter Accessories for You

What a bright sunny morning it is! We’re almost in the mid of December, and it feels like those cold chilly winters will still take another century to creep in. Some days are mildly foggy, while some noons are generously warm. I am not sure about all the girls out there, but it does get … Continue Reading