Start your day with these Healthy Milkshakes

Hey Girls, Here are a few super delicious milkshakes and smoothies that are easy and quick to whip up. Healthy Oats Milkshake  This tasty milkshake is packed with the right balance of nutrients to keep you charged through the day. Prepare this in the night so that you can have a cold and super filling … Continue Reading

8 Healthy Summer Foods To Add To Your Diet

Hi girls, Here are some foods you should be adding to your diet today to beat humidity!   Curd Curd is an awesome and delicious coolant. We can make chilled spicy buttermilk, a glass of lassi or chhaas or raita. Fruits can also be added to the curds to make lip-smacking and delicious desserts or prepare dips … Continue Reading

5 Places In India To Plan A Summer Escape

Hello ladies, Summer calls for a much-needed break from the crazy heat. It is the perfect time to be tucked away in a cozy hill station with a hot cup of coffee and a book for company or set out on a family vacay. Over the last couple of days, I have visited every website, … Continue Reading

The Must-Do Morning Ritual For A Healthy You

Hello Girls,   Lately, I’ve heard a lot of my friends complain about their stressful days. Their constant juggle between their demanding jobs and their personal lives often takes a toll on them and their health. No wonder, a majority of women are now facing health problems such as diabetes, obesity, recurring headaches etc. Is … Continue Reading

Mixed Sprouts Usal Recipe

Hi girls, I’ve recently adopted a healthier lifestyle and I could not feel better about myself. I’ve been avoiding junk food, carbonated drinks and sugar and instead loading my diet with small, healthy yet yummy meals. I feel fresher and feel much healthier overall. One of the trickiest meals for me to plan is snack … Continue Reading

5 People Who Are Doing Their Bit For Nature. Are You?

Hi girls, A lot of people have written to me about my last post on leading a sustainable life. It is indeed the need of the hour. As you may know, Oriflame India is focussing on sustainability and nature for a while now and they recently organized a contest on Facebook called #WeCare where they … Continue Reading

Why Is Kerala God’s Own Country?

Hello girls, Summer vacations are right around the corner and all of you must be planning where you want to go. Whether it’s a beach holiday or an escape to the mountains, you must have your own preferences. Last year, I went to Kerala with family and it was one of the most fulfilling trips … Continue Reading

5 Summer-Friendly Foods To Add To Your Diet

Hey girls, April is here and we are still just stepping into summer. I’ve been writing to you with a lot of tips and tricks for taking care of your skin during summer as well as fashion tips for getting your spring wardrobe up to date. Today, I’m going to talk to you about a … Continue Reading

Wellness for You!

Howdy, my loves! Of late, I’ve been thinking way too much about the importance of wellness in our lives. I truly believe that all’s well that ends well, but when it comes to health, there’s a slight difference…All’s actually well if it begins well. There, got me? WELLNESS isn’t just limited to the food you … Continue Reading