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Hope summer is treating you well. Like a lot of us may have been wondering, it has been unusually hot this year. We are facing a shocking rise in temperatures all over the world and it is getting worse every year. All of this is pointing towards the bitter truth that global warming is a reality that all of us have to live with. The planet has been facing the onslaught of civilization for a while now and now, we are on the receiving end of things. Glaciers are melting, animals are facing the threat of extinction, sea levels are rising, temperatures worldwide are touching new highs – these are just some of the many effects of global warming. It is truly alarming to think about what our future generations may face. Therefore, in contemporary times, what is of prime importance is the concept of sustainability.

Sustainability is a way of life that includes consuming natural resources in a just manner, to ensure that future generations have enough access to these resources as well. It is a balanced approach that is committed to limiting resource consumption to only what we really need to sustain life. In this way, leading a sustainable life would integrate small changes into our daily life. Do you think you lead a sustainable life? Follow the pointers below to find out. If not, do take note of these changes – it really doesn’t take much to be responsible! You lead a sustainable life if –

  • You are aware of where your food comes from. Buy produce from local and organic suppliers.
  • You don’t use paper towels and instead use cloth towels.
  • You reuse a lot of things and think twice before throwing things away. For other things, you recycle or donate to the needy.
  • You have or are thinking of growing your own garden. Even if it is something as simple as growing your own herbs.
  • You have switched to e-billing for all your utilities.
  • You stay away from plastic.
  • You believe in water conservation and use only the amount of water you really require.
  • You use mostly public transport or carpools.
  • You have insulated your home and use LED bulbs.
  • You unplug all your devices when they aren’t in use.
  • You use daylight as much as possible and don’t switch on the lights till it is dark outside.
  • You make an effort to inculcate these habits in others.



Personally, I do all the above and urge you to do the same. In fact, this is not an exhaustive list; just some of the things that I think are responsible practices. Do feel free to write your own suggestions in the comments section and don’t forget to share the list with your friends and family. Let’s join hands and make this world a better place to live in!


That’s all for today, see you girls soon!


Love always,

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