‘Treat your nails like jewels, not tools.’

I am a strong believer and follower of this statement ever since I discovered a product called nail polish, and the rest, my loves, is history. For once, think of beautifully manicured French nails and you will definitely know what it means to have pretty nails.

But beautiful nails come at some effort. The first tip to good looking nails has to be regular manicures. Do not expect your nails to look like a million bucks when you spend only 20 minutes on them once every three months. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you can follow to flaunt gorgeous looking nails:

French Manicure Nails


  1. Wash your hands as many times as you can, in a day. Clean hands and nails are extremely important.
  2. Go to the salon for a manicure at least once a month or once every 45 days for a pampering session and give yourself mini and quick manicures at least once every 7-8 days. Regular cleansing and maintenance ensures long term healthy looking nails.
  3.  Use lemon juice and ginger juice on your nails as often as you can for strong nails.
  4. Cuticle oil is an absolute must if your cuticles give you a hard time. Always remember not to peel off your cuticles but push them back after soaking them in warm water. It also enhances the growth of your nails.
  5. Keep them short. Short nails are easier to maintain.
  6. Use a hand cream. Your nails require moisture too, just as your skin does.
  7. Hangnails- I know these give a lot of ladies a hard time especially during the winter season. The idea is to keep a small scissor handy and cut it instead of peeling it off like a banana.
  8. If you have brittle nails, take Vitamin B capsules, it shall help strengthen your nails.
  9. File it away, lady! Filing your nails will only do you good.
  10. Keep a buffer handy. Do you apply too much nail polish? Buff off the yellow remains on your nails after you take off that polish.
  11. Increase your protein intake.
  12. Base coat and top coat keep your nails away from getting in contact with chemicals present in nail polish. Apply them.


  1. Stop using that nail polish remover every second day! It contains acetone which dries out your nails and causes serious breakage.
  2. Stop biting your nails, right there. CAUGHT YOU! I know all of us at some time have done this and continue doing so, but it’s an unpleasant sight to watch and even worse for your nails.
  3. Do not use detergent or any sort of chemicals directly. Wear gloves.
  4. Your nails are jewels, not a tool to open taped boxes. Remember that.
  5. Chipped polish is ugly. Take it off.

I hope all of you will follow at least some of these and make your nails look pretty 24X7 🙂
Lots of luv,

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