Hey girls,

Hope you had a super colourful Holi! I know I haven’t written to you in quite a while, I’ve been travelling with my family. It was such a great, relaxing break and even though I enjoyed all the pampering, I am so happy to be back! Spring is here and we are enjoying the wonderful colours all around. It’s amazing to be able to finally dig into our summer wardrobe, isn’t it?

Also, guess what I found at home when I came back? The Oriflame March catalogue! I began browsing immediately and got to know that this year is their 50th Golden Anniversary! We all love Oriflame products, don’t we? Well, the brand has been giving us the best in skincare, make-up and beauty for 50 glorious years now! Isn’t it super cool that we still swear by the products our mothers and grandmothers used to swear by?

50 years ago, in 1967, Oriflame began its journey by giving people the chance to look, feel and therefore, live better. Over the years, reinventing themselves over and over again, today Oriflame is known for creating a global community that is full of inspiring stories. Oriflame believes in fulfilling dreams and this 50th anniversary celebration pays tribute to that.

I went on social media and began to check out how Oriflame was celebrating their golden jubilee – it seems like I had missed out on a lot on my break! I was most excited about my favourite Oriflame product – the Tender Care which was now available in a special, super sleek gold edition to celebrate the anniversary.

Oriflame also made Women’s Day Superwomen’s Day by making this beautiful short video on how Indian women do it all. They juggle their homes and careers without a single complaint. They are selfless and often, go without appreciation. They are indeed, superwomen. What I think I loved the most about the video was how the women in her husband’s family came together to appreciate her in the end. People often talk about how women are women’s worst enemies and this video beautifully broke that harmful stereotype.

Do take a couple of minutes off from your day and watch the video on – link.

There is also a Tender Care Challenge – which is honestly what I have spent half the day on today – it’s so addictive! They’ve hidden 50 of these Tender Cares in a collage and one has to find them all in 2 minutes. It took me a couple of shots to get all 50 but even after I did get all, I just couldn’t stop playing! They are also going to give away some Tender Care Golds as prizes. So, whether you do it for the Tender Care or you’re looking for a stress-buster during a tough day at work, make sure you try this at once on – link.

That’s all for now folks. It’s so great to be back – see you soon!

Lots of love,


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