Hey girls,

The year is almost about to end. Are you all geared up to welcome 2018? You know, I have been thinking about New Year resolutions and this time, I have decided that I will take care of my skin more. And what’s better than starting right now?

I decided to try the Oriflame Optimals Age Revive Day and Night cream recently for my daily skincare routine. I must tell you that till now, it has worked wonders for me! The best part about these products is that they contain a unique balance of the best natural ingredients from Swedish nature and the latest technologies that science has to offer.


Protect your skin all day

Winters are always harsh on my skin. It demands skincare that does more than moisturizing. I was looking for a cream that will nourish it all day while protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun. You know, it’s quite a misconception among a lot of us that we do not need protection from the sun during winters. In fact, we must use skincare products with a good SPF formula during this season. The Oriflame Optimals Age Revive Anti-ageing Day Cream gives me just that. It has SPF 15 which protects my skin from the UV rays and also helps against premature ageing. You know what the best part is? It is suitable for all skin types and hence I can use it judiciously without any worry. I make sure that I use it every morning after I have cleansed my face thoroughly. It is working wonders for me and I think you should try it too.


Replenish it all night

Don’t we all love soft, supple and nourished skin every morning? The Oriflame Optimals Age Revive Anti-ageing Night Cream replenishes the lost moisture in my skin and softens it so that I can have nourishes and supple skin every morning. Do you know the secret behind this? The Oriflame Optimals Age Revive Anti-ageing Night Cream contains linseed oil which helps in nourishing your skin. It also helps your skin against premature ageing. The best part about this is that it is dermatologically tested so you don’t have to worry about any harmful effect on your skin. I make sure that I wash my face well and clean it thoroughly once I am back home every evening. Then I apply it judiciously on my face and let it do its magic all night.

So girls, what say? Will you all add the Oriflame Optimals Age Revive Anti-ageing Day and Night cream to your daily skincare routine? I think you all should give it a try! Don’t forget to tell me how it was!


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