Back in high school when I discovered makeup and all the goodness that comes with it, I completely disapproved of buying makeup tools and recently after going through some of my disastrous photos, I totally repent my decision of not buying any makeup brushes at all.

Makeup trends in India back then were minimal and of course, like the west, our mothers never really indulged in buying beauty products with us or even giving some gyaan over this crucial topic of our lives. Not that I am disappointed in my mother for the same reason, but I wish I had gotten it from her instead of my multiple failures at getting my eye liner right.

I need to stop sulking and with all my love, be the mother that most of us never got. Hence, I sit here today to write a blog that will help Indian women use this magic tool effectively.

According to me, there are a few makeup brushes that every woman must have in her vanity despite the frequent usage of these tools. And I’m gonna list them right here for y’all.

Makeup Brushes

  • Fluffy Blending Brush – The most common mistake that we all make while applying eye shadow is, we forget to blend the harsh lines for a more put together and attractive look. No no no, don’t deny it girl! Guilty as charged, we all have done it so let’s gracefully accept it and buy ourselves a good quality professional blending brush.
  • Angular Eye Shadow Brush – I understand that doing perfect makeup is a task on its own but tools like an ‘Angular Eye Shadow Brush’ is something that can make your work 10 times easier. This brush is used to get the perfect outer V definition and can be used in the crease as well.
  • Powder Brush – Okay, so you’re an expert with blush and all of that but lady, who is going to blend that makeup product on your face? Because if you’re not doing it for yourself, no one else will. Use a fluffy powder brush to blend in the blush for a seamless look.
  • Fan Brush – Often whilst applying eye shadows, there is fall out and all we do is wipe it off with a tissue or a cotton ball and that’s exactly what we are doing wrong. A fan brush is especially designed to clean up all the mess that we end up doing on our face and in the most perfect way.
  • Foundation Brush – I can’t thank the innovator of this brush enough because it really changed my life and I am not exaggerating! For a woman who likes to apply foundation like it’s a dream, this brush is no less than a magic wand. All you have to remember is small strokes help you get a better finish of foundation.

So that’s my quick gyaan session for all you beauties out there who struggle through choosing the right makeup brushes for themselves. Have I ever told y’all how much I adore sharing all these beauty & makeup tips with you girls?

Lots of luv,

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