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Have you ever wondered how models always end up having the most luscious looking lips while yours always ends up looking flat and monotone?  Well, the fault does not lie in your lipstick, it is how you apply it that makes a world of a difference. Today, I’m going to cover all the common problems we face and tell you how to tackle them like pros with these easy hacks. Read on.

  1. Lip liner for fuller lips
    To create a 3D effect illusion on the lips, use a lip liner that is a shade darker than that of the lip colour you plan on applying. Blend the outline, using a lip brush and then fill it in with the lipstick. This creates an illusion of fuller lips and gives them a beautiful gradation of colours. You can add a clear gloss only at the centre of your lips, to give you a beautiful looking pout.
  1. Concealer for definition
    To accentuate the shape of your lips, use a lighter color concealer outside the outline of your lips, and then blend it. Use powder/compact to settle it. This trick will help define your lip shape further and make your lips look fuller and accentuated.
  2. Powder for long lasting lipstick
    After applying the lip liner and lipstick, dust some loose powder with a sponge onto the lips and then apply another coat generously. This will ensure that your base coat is secure and the color stays intact. You might have to do a touchup to brighten the color later on during the day, but at no point will your lip color be wiped away entirely.
  3. Compact powder to even out dark or discoloured lips
    Use a cream concealer first to even out the lips to one color. Follow this, by dusting some loose powder/compact to settle it and then apply your lipstick. This will ensure a good color payoff and provide an evened out tone to your lips. Use matte colors, as they have the best color pay off needed in case of dark/discolored lips and tend to stay on longer.
  4. Fill up unwanted gaps and lines
    You can do that by applying a lip liner and fill it in completely. Evenly smudge the lip liner all over your lips using your fingers. Now apply your lipstick using a lip brush, while doing so, stretch your lips to ensure even distribution while filling the gaps. This will also reduce the appearance of chapped lips and unwanted lip lines.

Now that you have the lip secrets of the make-up pros, it is time for you get cracking and try these hacks for the most luscious and beautiful lips! I would love to know how they turned out, so please do drop a comment below on your experience.


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