As we brush up our wardrobes for the winter, what all of you need to do is buy a couple of new products for your vanity to match up with the latest make-up trends for winter. Every year, make-up artists come forward with their favourites for the season and bless us with some new looks to experiment.

This year, interestingly, some new trends are emerging beside the regular dark hues. I would definitely recommend everyone to be experimental and have fun with their looks.

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Lip stains – The new entrant in the list is ‘Lip Stains’.  It is a unique lip product which can also be used on the cheeks as a blush-on. What’s unique about this product is, even though it comes in both dark and light colours, it doesn’t look in-the-face but very subtle. My favourite!

Metallic eyeshadows – Eyeshadows are like a staple of any make-up kit and this season, metallic eyeshadows are huge. They look stunning on almost any skin tone and make the eyes extremely attractive.

Dewy Look – Winter usually makes the skin extremely dry and in return making you look and feel gloomy and that’s where a highlighter comes to your rescue. Either buy a dewy foundation or choose to highlight the high points of your face with the help of a highlighter. The highest points being Cupid’s bow, top of the cheeks, down the bridge of your nose and your jawline.

Voluminous eyelashes – Bat those eyelashes like you just fell in love and don’t forget to deck them up with at least 2-3 coats of mascara for both lengthening and volumising. You can even opt for something easier, donning some false lashes. No matter which route you choose. Flutter those lashes lady!

Winged eyeliner – This trend is doing repeated rounds and not going anywhere at all. Pick up your eyeliner and wing it out.

Nude Kohl – It’s time to ditch the regular black eyeliner and opt for a nude one for a neater look. It even makes your eyes look bigger and way more sophisticated.

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