Hey girls,

Don’t let the monsoon ruin the effort you have put in your makeup with these easy hacks for you to follow.

1. Use a leave in conditioner instead of a mousse or spray in monsoons to prevent hair from getting frizzy and rough.

2. Use only matte finish products on your face. Avoid using cream blushers, heavy mascara, lip glosses etc. since they feel overly sticky during monsoons.

3. Powder up your lip shade to make it matte and long-lasting. All you have to do is, apply the lip color, place a dry tissue over your lips and use a small powder or big eye shadow flat brush to dust some powder onto the lips. This seals the lips, now apply another layer of lip color to ensure coverage and stay.

4. Squeeze a lemon in your bathing water to erase excess smell or body odour during monsoons.

5. To avoid smudging of eyeliners and mascaras due to moisture, use only waterproof eye products.

6. Keep your pores and skin clean by using your face wash in the day and night. Also, make sure to exfoliate every two weeks.

7. To keep your hair clean and frizz free, always keep your hair tied. When washing, use an antibacterial or anti dandruff shampoo, to avoid infection in the hair scalp because of sweat and moisture.

8. Use a compact powder to remove excess oil and sweat. Alternatively, you can use blotting papers to remove oil and sweat without over drying your face and not messing your makeup.

9. Tea tree oil based products are wonder products. You can use them on the spot when you see the first signs of pimples or even before it appears. Stock up on tea tree based face wash, toner and gel moisturizer to tend to oily and acne prone skin.
Aakriti Kochar
Oriflame Beauty and Makeup Expert

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