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It’s time to celebrate the lady who holds a very special place in our hearts. Yes, you guessed it, it’s none other than our Mothers. From pampering us by fulfilling every small request to dedicating every bit of their life to raise us into the best version of ourselves, mothers know of no boundaries when it comes to their kids. This Sunday on Mother’s Day, let’s reverse roles with our moms, to pamper and celebrate them in the most unique way. And I am here to help you with just that. Here’s a list of unique Mother’s Day gifts, you can present to your mom.

  • Say it with a Mother’s Day Special Handmade Coupon: From doing daily household chores, breakfast in bed to an exclusive mother-daughter day, list down the things you could turn into coupons. Source colored papers from any stationary store to turn it into a cool handmade coupon booklet to present it to your mother. You can dedicate a page of the booklet that states the rules where she can redeem favours, all through the week. Place the booklet in a small gift box while presenting it to her. Trust me when I say this, she will have a priceless smile on her face at the end, after reading the favours.
  • Whip up a storm at a Workshop: Our moms are immensely talented and have hidden talents within them waiting to be uncovered. It could be singing, painting or even pottery. They would have loved to pursue their hobbies, but never really got time to catch up on one. Today, is the best day for you to book her a seat for that workshop she has been dying to attend. I would suggest that you book your spot a week in advance as most workshops run on limited seats. To make the day extra special, you could join her for the workshop. Nothing would make her happier.
  • Pamper her: She has always put others wishes and needs before hers, leaving her with no time to take care of herself. This Mother’s Day, let her pamper and nurture her skin with Oriflame’s Wellness and Beauty products, whichever suits her skincare needs the best. You can gift wrap them in a basket before presenting it to your mom.
  • Gift her a gift that’s only hers: The latest craze that seems to be catching up like fire in the market, is to personalize gifts with the person’s name. Whether it is a travel special kit or a diary, there are numerous websites online that allow you to personalize a range of gifts by printing special messages and names on them. Trust me when I say, they look just as cool as they sound.

Now that I have a list of unique gifts ready, I know exactly what I’m going to be gifting my mum this Mother’s Day, what about you? I would love to know what you will be doing to make your mom’s day special, share it by dropping a comment below.


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