10 things to do when stuck indoors during the monsoons

Hi girls, Monsoons can quite often wreak havoc with our plans leaving us as prisoners to the not-so- great indoors. But worry not! I have got 10 perfect things for you to do when the rains come calling and you’re stuck indoors with friends, family or even alone. So, bid farewell to boredom with this … Continue Reading

How to Perfect the Smokey Eye Look

Hi Girls, You would all agree with me when I say that the smokey eye look is the toughest to recreate. It can get quite messy and end up looking all wrong. Well, you don’t have to fret about ruining your eye makeup anymore with this easy step-by- step tutorial on how to ‘Perfect the … Continue Reading

Start your day with these Healthy Milkshakes

Hey Girls, Here are a few super delicious milkshakes and smoothies that are easy and quick to whip up. Healthy Oats Milkshake  This tasty milkshake is packed with the right balance of nutrients to keep you charged through the day. Prepare this in the night so that you can have a cold and super filling … Continue Reading

Memories Range Of Fragrances- A Review

Hello ladies,   Today I have a review lined up for you. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the sensual range of Oriflame’s latest perfumes- Memories. In my personal opinion, a scent is very personal and isn’t there something just so irresistible about someone who walks into a room and fills it with a … Continue Reading

8 Healthy Summer Foods To Add To Your Diet

Hi girls, Here are some foods you should be adding to your diet today to beat humidity!   Curd Curd is an awesome and delicious coolant. We can make chilled spicy buttermilk, a glass of lassi or chhaas or raita. Fruits can also be added to the curds to make lip-smacking and delicious desserts or prepare dips … Continue Reading

Father’s Day Special – Gift Ideas For Your Dad

Hello girls, It’s that time of the year when we celebrate the man who has always treated us as his princess. They have been our solid support system, constant voice of reason, the best advisor and most importantly our Secret Santa. So, it only makes sense that we make their day the most memorable day … Continue Reading

5 Places In India To Plan A Summer Escape

Hello ladies, Summer calls for a much-needed break from the crazy heat. It is the perfect time to be tucked away in a cozy hill station with a hot cup of coffee and a book for company or set out on a family vacay. Over the last couple of days, I have visited every website, … Continue Reading

5 Summer-Friendly Hairstyles You Must Try Out

Hello ladies, We all know that once summer arrives, our hair goes on a frizz overdrive. No matter how well you shampoo, condition or blow dry, it all goes for a toss the moment you step outside in the heat. Almost immediately, we tie our hair in a tight bun, trying to save it from … Continue Reading

Review – THE ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel

Hi Girls, It’s time to throw aside our drab monotone clothes and bring out our vibrant summer wear. From pastels, to metallics, neons and so much more, summers have always been about experimenting with beautiful, bright colours. So, when Oriflame launched The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel in 7 eye-popping colours, I could not resist … Continue Reading