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Oh how I love perfumes! The magic of a good perfume works wonders for my personality and adds a touch of sophistication to my ensemble. Wearing a rich fragrance is also symbolic of luxury and can also help you command respect! I just can’t get enough and the perfumes lined up at my dressing table are concrete proof of my obsession! And to indulge further, here I am presenting a review of my latest obsession, Incognito for him and her!


Are you as fascinated by captivating fragrances as I am? Then Incognito is perfect for you. Let’s get started with the review shall we?


Incognito- For Her

The perfect blend of floral + fruity is how I would aptly describe Incognito for you. A spritz of this sweet and sharp fragrance is enough to sweep him off his feet! It’s the perfect cocktail of sparkling physalis, praline and lily of the valley that work their magic to create this sacred scent to get you addicted for good! The fragrance is intense and perfect for any occasion, whether casual, fun or formal!


Talking about packaging, you can see that it’s a 50 ml Eau de Toilette bottle that comes in this little white box lending it a clean and sophisticated look. The bottle fits perfectly in your palm enabling a firm grip,making it easy to use and carry in your handbag as it’s super lightweight and a great space saver too!






Incognito- For Him

Gents, the Incognito perfume weaves a mystical charm like no other. The whimsical blend of patchouli, cedar leaves and physalis come together to create this beautiful aromatic tonic fragrance making it impossible to resist. The intensity is bang on, as the fragrance is not too mild nor strong, making it ideal for any occasion. The mild citrusy notes of physalis enveloped with the sensational aroma of iced tea, lavender and cedar leaves is sure to make her heart skip a beat!




As you can see, it’s a 50 ml Eau de Toilette bottle that comes enclosed in this sensual black box making it the perfect gift for any occasion! Again, the bottle is perfectly sized to fit in your palm enabling easy usage and storage! Overall, the packaging looks classy and refined!

So wear Incognito and make an impressive entrance with this unique fragrance. Your quest
for your favourite perfume is over, all you need to do now is just spritz some Incognito and take over the world!

Go ahead and try it now.

Let us know if you liked it in the comments below!

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