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How’s it going? Are you all excited about Diwali? Well, I am! Don’t we all want to look our best on the festive days? I know I do! Of late, I was facing a lot of problems for my dry hair. I just couldn’t find the perfect shampoo and conditioner to repair it. Like anybody else, I went hunting for the perfect pair in the market. But just as luck would have it, nothing was working for me. Then, my friend suggested The Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It somehow just worked for me. Crafted specially for dry and damaged hair, it gave my hair the love and care it needed to get the moisture back.

Packaging matters…

For starters, it comes in an attractive package. The bottles will instantly draw you to the products. They highlight the key ingredients – wheat and coconut oil – on the packaging itself! On opening them, you get the wonderful scent of coconut. What’s more, Oriflame has been trying to make a beautiful change and protect the oceans. Their love nature products are made only of biodegradable products that are completely soluble in water. This was an added bonus for me to try this range!

…not unless it works!

But the real test was to see if it actually worked on my dry and damaged hair to give me soft, smooth and silky hair. A sufficient quantity of shampoo worked for me but if you’ll need more or less depending on the thickness and length of your hair. It took me just one wash to get rid of the complete oil and dirt and I could already note the differences.

I rarely ever shampoo my hair without using a conditioner. The conditioner has a good consistency. A coin-sized amount is all I needed! A little pro-tip here – always apply the conditioner to your hair and not on your scalp unless it is specified to do so. I left the conditioner on for about 2 minutes and washed it off my hair really well. I could feel it working for my dry hair but I didn’t want to be completely sure until my hair had dried completely.

Did it?

Now, the question remains – did the Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner work? Well, it did! My hair was soft and smooth from the first wash itself. But, I did take care to not blow dry it. That’s one precautionary step I always take to protect my hair from drying out further with all the heat from the hairdryer. In case you’re wondering, I have used it for a couple of times now and my opinion on it doesn’t change. My hair is soft, silky and feels moisturized after every wash.

But, is it for you?

If you are looking for a hair care range that is the perfect solution for your dry and damaged hair, then the wheat peptides in the Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Oil range is just perfect for you. However, I would suggest you to not use it if you have oily hair.

So ladies, I hope this review helped you decide what you can go for to have luscious, shiny locks this festive season. Give the Love Nature Wheat and Coconut Oil range a try and don’t forget to tell me how it was!


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