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Summer is here which means scorching heat, sweaty clothes and dehydration make it seem more like a battle than a season. The glorification of the season in the West is laughable as we know that reality is nowhere close to the picture they paint you in movies. Far from being a pleasant affair stepping out in the sun literally comes with a warning that says “Save Yourself!” More so when it comes to your skin, keeping it hydrated becomes imperative in this weather.

So here I am with my favourite skin care range that makes a perfect fit for my skin this summer- Optimals Hydra! To make it easier for you, I am going to leave a review right here so you know more about the range inside out and make the right decision!

  • Optimals Hydra Refreshing Gel Wash

I fall short of words to describe Optimals Hydra Refreshing Gel Wash. What a blessing has this been in this hot weather! As you can see, the texture is gel based, making it light, hydrating and bringing immense relief to my thirsty skin! The 150 ML tube holds a generous amount of product which means that it will last longer! It’s also soap free, gentle on your skin, and leaves your skin feeling fresh making it my mandatory must-have for summer!

  • Optimals Hydra Refreshing Toner

The Optimals Hydra Refreshing Toner must be used after cleansing your face with the gel wash. It’s a 200 ML bottle and the narrow shape makes it easy to hold. Using a cotton pad, I apply the toner all over my face and neck and let me tell you this, you’ll surely fall in love with the fragrance! It soothes my skin, removes all impurities and also helps tighten pores! Easily remove makeup and prepare your face for the next step with this toner!

  • Optimals Hydra Seeing is Believing Eye Cream

We often ignore under eye skin but the Optimals Hydra Seeing is Believing Eye Cream ensured that I don’t skip caring for my eyes! As you can see, it comes in this cute 15 GM jar which barely takes up any space in your handbag! I just take a little product on my finger and gently dab it around the eye area! I must say that the appearance of my dark circles has reduced and friends say that I look more alert and awake!


  • Optimals Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum

The Optimals Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum comes packed in a 30 ML pump bottle which makes the application hygienic and easy! The serum feels light on your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth! Moreover, the application lends a cooling sensation- something that we crave for in this scorching heat! Bonus point- It also adds a subtle glow making my face look beautifully radiant! I highly recommend this to everyone!

  • Optimals Hydra Matte Balancing Day Fluid (for oily skin)

Yes I suffer from oily skin and trust me the Optimals Hydra Matte Balancing Day Fluid works wonders! It comes packed in a 50 ML sophisticated pump bottle and can easily fit in your handbag! The texture is light and the application lends a non-greasy, matte finish. I use this product regularly and it has been effective in controlling my skin’s oiliness! This product is a boon for oily skin so I absolutely recommend it without a second thought!


  • Optimals HydraRadiance Hydrating Day Cream and Optimals HydraRadiance Nourishing Night Cream

As you can see, the Optimals HydraRadiance Hydrating Day Cream and Optimals HydraRadiance Nourishing Night Cream come packed in a 50 ML jar enclosed in neat packaging. The formulation is light and application is easy. Simply use your fingertips to massage the cream onto cleansed skin in the morning and at night.  The day cream leaves my skin feeling supple and refreshed while the night cream enhances radiance and revives skin overnight. I recommend this magical duo to everyone!








So there you go ladies, I’ve done my bit and I hope my review is helpful. Do read, grab Optimals Hydra this summer and share your experience in the comments below.

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