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How’s life treating everybody? I have had a hectic week and I’m so glad the weekend is almost here. Meanwhile, summer is coming at us in full swing. It’s been so hot the last couple of days and we still have a few good months of summer left. Ladies, do make sure you take care of yourselves as you brace the heat. Indian summers can make you very prone to sunstrokes so make sure you keep yourself hydrated, include fruits in your diet and don’t forget to look after your skin and hair. I will write to you soon about some useful tips on beating the heat. Let’s come to what I wanted to talk toyou about today – Oriflame’s 50th Anniversary Tender Care Protecting Balm



The Tender Care Gold is an Oriflame product that my Mum had introduced me to years ago and it has been a part of my beauty kit ever since. It is essentially a protecting balm made of natural Beeswax and Vitamin E original formula. It helps to hydrate, soften and protect dry and rough skin.  It’s a multi-purpose balm that you can use for your skin and lips.



The Tender Care was born in 1979 by a super team who came up with this magical eye cream. As time went by, the Tender Care evolved too. It went from being just an eye cream to an all-purpose cream for any part of the skin that seemed a little dry.

The Tender Care travelled far and wide. It changed form too! It was available in a pretty pink packaging on its 25th birthday. It became one of the most popular Oriflame products. In fact, in 2006, over 13 million Tender Cares were sold! Now to celebrate Oriflame’s 50th anniversary, it has reinvented itself yet again and is a gorgeous gold to mark the special occasion.




I cannot say enough about this product since I have been using it for years now. Personally, as I have dry skin, I go through about two of these bottles in a month! My heels, elbows and lips are problem areas as they get rough and dry. I apply the Tender Care to these areas especially and also to any other area that may feel dry. Over time, it has managed to soften these areas considerably and made my skin supple and smooth. Whatever skin type you may have, you must be familiar with these dry areas which are a concern across different types. Whether it’s summer or winter, the Tender Care will give these areas a smoothness you will not be able to believe! I would strongly recommend this product to everyone, men and women alike. I guarantee that once you start using one, it will find a place in your handbag for life.


Do go ahead and get yourself a 50th Anniversary Tender Care Protecting Balm immediately because the golden edition is for a limited period only. The bottle comes in a beautiful, matte-finish gold and you will want to keep the container as a collectible for sure!

BTW, as a part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, Oriflame is also giving out Tender Care Golds! All you need to do is take the challenge now on – link, find all 50 hidden Golds and you could stand a chance to win one for yourself. Get playing!

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