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Well, summer is here and how! It’s still the end of March but it seems like the heat is here to stay, doesn’t it? We have at least a couple of months of this heat till the rains are here and there is some respite. While winter may seem like a more important season when it comes to skin care, summer is equally, if not more, crucial. Don’t worry, I have you covered with some simple skin care resolutions you can take to give your skin all the love it deserves. These are simple rituals you can add to your everyday routine for flawless, sun-kissed skin. Keep reading.



This is probably the most important tip during summer. You cannot, under any circumstances, skip the sunscreen during summer. Add it to your morning skin care ritual, even during overcast days. However, do take into consideration that India faces a particularly intense summer and just one application of sunscreen does not guarantee full-day protection. Carry your sunscreen with you wherever you go and reapply every couple of hours to avoid sunburns. I recommend Oriflame’s Sun Care Lotion and Cream, perfect for all skin types.



A lot of the times, we forget that our lips need an extra layer of protection too. The lip area is an extremely delicate part of the body that can be dried out due to the harsh rays of the sun. To ensure that your lips stay soft and moisturised during summer, make sure to invest in a lip balm with SPF. Apply this lip balm before you apply your lipstick/lip gloss. This too would need to be retouched every few hours.



It’s easy to forget to moisturise your skin during summer because your skin may not feel as dry as it does during winter. However, the summer sun does strip the skin of its essential oils and leaves it dull. Use a water- based moisturiser instead of an oil-based one twice a day – once just after coming out of the shower, when the body is still damp and once before going to sleep.  I highly recommend using Oriflame’s Eco Beauty range of Cleanser, Toner, Eye and Face Cream. This one range coupled with the sunscreen will be all you need to take care of your skin this summer!



Your diet during the summer should consist of light, nutrient-rich food. Fruits are your best bets to keep cool – go for water-based fruits like watermelons, cucumbers, litchis etc. You can snack on these fruits guilt-free because they go a long way in keeping your body cool during summer. Green vegetables should be added to your diet too – well, these are great anytime of the year. Try to avoid fried snacks, spicy food and too much meat. Keep it light and breezy and notice the difference in no time! And needless to be told, drink a lot of water. You should be aiming for 3-4 litres of water a day to keep yourself hydrated and to flush out toxins.



Don’t skip your workout during summer. Exercise is essential to getting healthy, glowing skin. Do a simple workout or a round of yoga first thing in the morning – getting your workout out of the way first thing in the morning is a great start to the day. Sweat it out for 30 minutes a day and notice an unmissable glow in no time.


Happy summer, folks!


Love always,

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