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How often in a day do you think about your health? Don’t we all try to go for fad diets and intense hours in the gym – only to exhaust ourselves further? But let me tell you a secret. You don’t need to do much for your wellness. All you need to do is make a few small changes in your everyday routine. You know what, I’ll tell you what I do to make sure that I maintain a healthy balance in my routine.

Snack time! But wisely.

When was last time you opened a bag of chips or cookies when you were hungry at work? Replace that with a bowl of fruits or some vegetable sticks. You can even go for some yoghurt if you fancy it. The end story here is to get rid of any food that you think is unhealthy from your daily diet and including healthier ones.

Do not skip on the water.

Water is a great way to keep your system going. It nourishes us inside out. It flushes out toxins from the body and boosts our immune system. I generally drink around 12 glasses of water a day. It keeps me hydrated, even when I am out in the sun. I would suggest keeping a tab on your water intake. Space it out throughout the day and watch it work miracles!

Eat breakfast like a queen.

Breakfast is that meal of the day that you should never skip! I always make sure that I include all types of essential nutrients in my breakfast to keep me going throughout the day. Stock up on your healthy favourites and sit and enjoy your breakfast every day before you head out for the day. Another thing that I do is add some fruits to my breakfast. Berries work wonders but I also go for a glass of orange juice at times.

Make the healthy swaps.

One thing that I have started doing is swapping anything that I feel unhealthy in my diet with their healthier versions. Olive oil has shown the door to butter. For those uncalled for dessert cravings, I go for flavoured yoghurt instead of ice-cream and some fresh fruits instead of chocolate cake. I also try to keep the fried food at bay and try baked or grilled food instead. I don’t compromise on the taste at all. You can come up with some healthy swaps of your own!

A 30-minute workout session will do wonders.

Exercising can become a bit of a hindrance to fit into our busy schedules. But I never go back on it. Every morning, I make sure I am doing some yoga before starting on with the day. You should do this too. If you don’t fancy yoga, choose some other form of exercise that you love doing. I am sure you can take out 30 minutes of your day to show your body some love.

Don’t let anyone snatch your sleep away.

However busy my day is, I make sure that I get enough sleep at night to keep me fresh and bright all throughout the day. Don’t compromise on it. When you sleep, your body rejuvenates itself and makes it ready for the day that is to come. You too should go ahead and get enough sleep every night. Trust me, it works wonders!

Stretch and walk now and then.

My work keeps me glued to a desk for quite a while. But what I do is get up and walk around now and then. Stretch a little and keep myself on the move. I feel it’s quite necessary because otherwise, I feel it can take a toll on my overall health. Whether you are at a desk job or just at home all day, make sure to stretch and walk around every now and then.

These are the little changes that I have adopted for a day to day basis to keep up my routine for a healthy me. What about you? Don’t for get to let me know of the changes that you are making!


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