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Navratri has already begun and I can’t be any more excited! I love this time of the year – dressing up, going out and having lots of fun. Although, I can say I love the dressing up part a little bit more than the rest. I have been trying out some really pretty eye makeup for the festive evenings, and guess what – I have found my favourite! It’s super easy to try, very subtle yet looks super glamorous. So for all you divas out there who believe in ‘simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’, why I don’t I list out the steps for you to try as well?

Step 1 – A clean canvas for starters

Now, this is a given right? Before you start with your makeup, clean your face thoroughly. Get rid of any dirt and impurities. Then, apply a foundation base and powder that is tailor made for your skin tone. Use a concealer to tuck in any blemishes, dark spots or dark circles that are bothering you. You’re good to go now!

Step 2 – Small steps first

Start off with a shade of eye shadow that matches your skin tone. This first layer of eye shadow will act as a base for the top shimmery layer. Use an eye shadow brush and start inward – blending the shadow in as you move out to the edges of your eye. Keep on with it till you get a nice, blended in nude eye shadow for your beautiful eyes.

Step 3 – Attention, eyebrows

How about some eyebrow action now? Use a thin brush to line your eyebrows. Then, use a concealer brush to fill in any gaps that you may have in your brows. In case you are not very comfortable with brushes, you can go for an eyebrow pencil but I love my brushes so will keep up with them. Something very important for you here – pay special attention to the colour you’re using. It should match your natural brow colour to the closest.

Step 4 – Mascara, mascara, mascara

Get the drama on! Do you love those super long eyelashes or just enough to create a stir? Put on some mascara to define your lashes. Make sure that the mascara want is clean and does not have any clumps on it. Apply it on both your top and bottom lashes to make the most out of it.

Step 5 – Bring on the colours

It’s time for teal! Oh, by the way, teal is my favourite so I am all up for it always. But if you don’t fancy it so much, you can always go for a shade of blue. Line your eyes with a matte finish eyeliner. Go for a medium line here – too thin and it won’t have that desired effect, too thick and it will be just too overpowering. Add on a shade of shimmery eyeshadow to top it off. I always use a shade close to my skin tone, with a subtle bronze undertone. I think it works perfectly for this look!

Step 6 – Time for the magic

Now the last bit. Use a shimmery why white shadow to highlight just the corner of your eyes. This little highlight will elevate your eye makeup to the next level. It just brings your eyes out and makes them the highlight of you!

This was super easy, right? Try this for the Navratri evenings and make the most out of the festive days! Oh, and don’t forget to share your photos with me!


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