Summer MakeupThe much awaited summer of 2013 is here and I am so pleased. Summers for me is light fabric, lesser make-up, sun shining through, bug eyed glasses, lots of fruits and additional skin care!

I was randomly going through my make-up stash to prepare a summer kit for my handbag and thought of you guys. I am sure some of you may need ideas on what to keep inside your make-up pouch during summers.

So, here’s a quick list of what should your make-up pouch consist of. You can always add or remove  products that don’t go according to your preferences, but these are some basic must-haves while you’re out in the sun.

1. Sunscreen: It is one of those products which you shouldn’t leave your home without. Why? Well most sunscreens don’t last for more than 4 hours and if you’re planning to be out for longer, you must always carry one for re-application.

2. Soft Eye-liner: Since summer is all about light and pleasant-to-eyes make-up, a soft eye-liner shade is an absolute must have. Ditch the regular black eye-liner which is very harsh during summer and opt for something soft and a treat to look at. You can opt from lilac, orange, pink, yellow or light blue. My favourite is brown and teal blue!

3. Neon lipsticks and lip gloss: Buy bright orange, pink, red, purple… buy them all! Skip the berry’s and oxblood shades.

4. Wet tissues: Now we know, we all need it during a hot day to wipe off all the dirt that sticks onto our faces while we’re out working, at the office or college! Always carry a packet of these to make you feel refreshed in one wipe.

5. Deodorant: Warm sun brings along sweat. Carry a nice deodorant to keep yourself off from the stink.

If there’as anything else that you like to carry during summers, just let me know in the comment section below!
Lots of Luv

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Tissues are a must for me 🙂 Informative post

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