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Graphic tights were introduced to the fashion world quite a few seasons back, but it was only until recently that I saw someone actually wear them on the street. When they were introduced, the motive was to use tights for every occasion and not just to the gym or workout session.

With ‘Graphic Tights’ making an entry, I totally believe that this clothing piece has made it pretty easy for anyone to dress up in flat five minutes. All you need to do is, pick a printed pair of tights and team with a basic t-shirt and very few accessories.

So, what are ‘Graphic Tights?’

Another fad? You bet your life not. As mentioned, it has been in the scenario for a fairly good time, but has just made a late entry on the streets. I have seen it in pretty prints and can’t wait to buy one for myself!

Here are a few popular types of graphic tights:

1. Galaxy Tights: These resemble the galaxy! Pretty obvious, isn’t it? I think this would go great with any basic georgette, chiffon, cotton shirt and definitely a head turner.
Galaxy Tight

2. Stripe it up: Stripes have been in trend for the longest time and they’re not really going anywhere. My personal favourite has to be nautical stripes.
stripe it up

3. Blooming flowers: Floral prints are forever in and with summers approaching in no time, floral will be here again.
blooming flowers tight

4. Aztec prints: Introduced late last year, the funky tribal print has been a rage. Honestly, I love it too. Its effortless, celeb’s favourite and oh-so-stylish.
aztec print tight

5. Polka dots: Fashion repeats itself with time and polka dots seem to its favourite one. Do I even need to introduce them? I mean Polka dots go with everything and look great on everyone!
Polka dots tight

6. Newspaper Print: This one is probably the most popular among girls. It’s pretty, chic and screams fashion.
newspaper print tight

Which one is your favourite?

Let me know!

Lots of luv,

So, here’s an attempt to demystify who I am and what’s my blog all about! Well, my friends say I am a fashionista through and through! And, fortunately I have no reason to deny what they say! You know it might sound cheesy but I have always been passionate about makeup, good clothes, accessories, shoes, perfumes and hairstyles… and may I repeat… ALWAYS! So, I thought why not share some of what I know about fashion with all the other girls and help them look great! (Pleeeassseee…. I‘m not at all a generous soul). But, you know I just love talking fashion! For me, normal is boring… I love to play with looks, experiment and try everything that’s new and HOT! I am obsessed with chiffons and sequins, I breathe blushers and liners, I think stilettos and flip-flops… and I dream STYLE all the time! That’s me!

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    You gave good idea about graphic tights.Yes, it is popular in girls, and it look so fashionable. Thanks

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