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Summer vacations are right around the corner and all of you must be planning where you want to go. Whether it’s a beach holiday or an escape to the mountains, you must have your own preferences. Last year, I went to Kerala with family and it was one of the most fulfilling trips I have been on. Kerala is often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’, and it’s truly deserving of that title. I want to talk to you a bit about what makes Kerala God’s Own. Keep reading and maybe you’ll decide to put Kerala on your itinerary this year!


Kerala boasts of a varied landscape that makes you fall in love at first sight. Words don’t do justice to the kind of natural beauty Kerala is home to. Some of the cleanest beaches in India are here with clear, blue waters. Kovalam, Varkala and Kappad are some of the beaches one must visit while in Kerala.



If you are looking for a quiet getaway, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Backwaters of Kerala is where you should be headed. The Backwaters comprise of a maze of lagoons surrounded by a sea of greenery. Living in a houseboat in the Backwaters has been one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. This quintessential Kerala experience ensures that you connect with nature like never before.



Any conversation about Kerala is incomplete without the mention of food. The staple fare consists of rice and a lot of seafood! Don’t miss out on the classic curries which are mostly coconut milk based. I also love how the food is full of rich, authentic flavour and is often served on banana leaves.



Some of the best spas in the country are in Kerala and any trip is incomplete without a spa treatment. With a lot of spa resorts around the state, the ancient art of Ayurveda is holistically practised here. Whether you want to combat a health issue or you simply want to unwind, don’t miss out on getting a massage while in Kerala!



I was amazed by how every person from Kerala is a patron of the fine arts. You will see this on display almost everywhere you look in the state. Whether it’s martial arts, handicraft, theatre or dance, art is given the importance it deserves here. If you really want to immerse yourself in the experience, make sure you go to watch a Kathakali performance while you are there.


I can go on and on about Kerala. The goodness of the place has to be visited to be believed. It is also really clean and people here are in touch with nature like nothing I have ever seen before. I know that I am going to run off to Kerala every time I need a break.


Do share your Kerala photos and experiences with me in comments below.



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